Heidi Peace

I enjoy capturing LIFE from the joyful grin on the face of a child to the tiniest intricate patterns on a flower.  

When I photograph people, I want to see their true personalities shining through.  Each stage of life is unique and fleeting.  With two young kids of my own, I understand the value of capturing those memories at each stage.  

My professional life has been dedicated to children. I have been a classroom teacher for 11 years, and before that I taught swim and tennis to children. I have always loved watching children grow socially, emotionally and academically. I love bringing out the spark that is in each child. The wonder and excitement they exude as they discover the world. Childhood is such a magical time and I am lucky to be a witness.

While I LOVE to teach and I find passion, happiness and purpose professionally, little moments with my own children had begun to fly by. The moments seemed to slip by so fast. How could I slow it down? What could I do to remember?

The days went on and on so full and busy, I soon forgot how little my son was as a newborn. I forgot the little things that used to make me smile… or want to pull my hair out. How could I capture the essence of this magical age? I turned to photography to when my children were very young as a way to remember the little moments when they show their personalities developing. I longed to capture the character shown inside their eyes. I wanted more than a once a year Christmas Card. I wanted to document the big moments, but more importantly I wanted to freeze time and be able to look back and RELIVE those special memories that were making them who they are. I wanted to look back and notice the details I was too busy to fully appreciate at the time.

I love to see them get MESSY, PLAY, DISCOVER, and INTERACT. I realized I was not looking to put family “portraits” on the wall. I did not want them looking into the camera with a fake smile and seeing in their eye “when is this going to be over”. I want to capture THEM

The longer I live the more I become aware that these little nuances are the thread that stitch our family together. So my photography purpose was born. I am focussed on the little things that are weaving our lives together. I want to capture for you what I have learned to capture in my own children. I want to encourage you to slow down the moment and appreciate it. I want to create images that you will treasure when your children are no longer children and everyday in-between.

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